Hate writing? Need some kick-ass copy for your website? Need a ghostwriter for your book? I can do that. Need hilarious blog posts and social media updates that people will actually read and share? I do that, too. Need a full-body massage and wax? I don't do that. It's important to define these boundaries, up front. 


EXCERPT: Video explains products or services quickly and concisely. Probably the most obvious benefit of video is that it has the power to communicate complex messages quickly and effectively. A well-produced video can explain your product or service, present your company’s brand image and convince a consumer to take action, all within the span of a few moments. Video conveys more than just words and images. It demonstrates emotions and action via sounds and movement, music and laughter and the subtle inflections of voices. Video can quickly demonstrate the correct use of your latest product, letting potential customers know just how easy it is to use. It can show the world the human face of your business, setting you apart from your competition. Video lets you see and hear the soft rustling of palm trees on a far away beach, or the proud smiles of new parents, watching their child take its first wobbly steps. Even when you could communicate these things in writing, it would likely take several pages. A good video can do it in seconds. And when it comes to marketing, seconds are usually all you have. 

CHALLENGE: Cultivate an image of thought leadership for Funnelbox founder Robb Crocker

SOLUTION: C0-write book, with CEO Robb Crocker, on video marketing for small business 

KEY INGREDIENTS: Copywriting, market research, interviews and case studies

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EXCERPT: The Case for Using Video to Market Real Estate Listings. 

In the competitive world of vacation rentals, it is crucial to make your home stand out. Unlike real estate transactions, that have a lengthy sales cycle, a vacation rental transaction can be completed in real time, right there on a website. Potential guests are looking at dozens of homes, looking for the one they like best. And when they find it, they are likely going to book it right then and there. That's why you want your vacation rental to look its very best online. We're here to help. 

Our vacation rental videos are similar to our real estate tour videos, in that they tastefully display the highlights of your home through the use of video, text and narration. We also make sure to point out all of the great things the surrounding area has to offer. After all, a vacation rental is as much about the area as it is the specifics of the home, itself. Selling your neighborhood is just as important as selling your rental. READ MORE

CHALLENGE: Explain the benefits of using video to market vacation rentals to homeowners and property management companies.  

SOLUTION: Write a concise, convincing argument case for video, and include relevant examples. 

KEY INGREDIENTS: Copywriting, market research, videos, social sharing

These are part of a series of did for Full Frame Creative (formerly The Real Estate Video Guys) social media accounts, including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, all of which I manage. Personality is crucial to any brand, and my goal was to demonstrate that we know how to have fun at work, which makes us come across as more accessible to new clients. 


EXCERPT: Weight Watchers Week 6: Physical Activity We’ve been at this for over a month already. Can you believe it?! We’ve covered the basics of measuring and tracking food, and getting into the habit of eating healthier, smaller meals. Now, it’s time to add something to the plan. It’s called exercise, which comes from the Latin words “exor” which means cry, and “cise” which means vomit. I think. READ MORE

CHALLENGE:  Inform clients on weight loss strategies and encourage engagement

SOLUTION: Create a series of entertaining and informative videos 

KEY INGREDIENTS: Scriptwriting



EXCERPT: 5 Ways DISH Satellite TV is Better Than 14th Century Europe I'm not gonna lie to you- the 14th Century kinda sucked, especially in Europe. Some pretty awful stuff happened. It was cold, wet and violent...and it smelled worse than the dumpster behind Rocky's Tuna Hut on a hot July afternoon. I think. I've never actually eaten at a Rocky's Tuna Hut, much less had the misfortune of smelling one of its dumpsters on a hot day. I'm not even totally sure that Rocky's Tuna Hut is a real place. Regardless, I'm pretty sure that a dumpster full of tuna scraps sitting out in the sun with a bunch of other garbage would smell just terrible. You know what doesn't smell like rotting fish-based garbage simmering in the summer heat? DISH satellite TV, that's what. DISH doesn't smell anything like Rocky's Tuna Hut OR 14th Century Europe. That's a fact. Look it up, if you don't believe me. You can find all kinds of really interesting factoids, just like that, on Wikipedia. READ MORE

CHALLENGE:  Increase online lead generation 

SOLUTION: Create engaging, entertaining and shareable content that encourages readers to click through again and again, without being overtly sales-y

KEY INGREDIENTS: Copywriting, SEO, historical research


5 Reasons DISH Satellite TV is Better Than High School

5 Reasons DISH Satellite TV is Better Than Your Boss

5 Reasons Watching Showtime Beats a Kick in the Head

5 Reasons Why Watching Vampires on TV is Better Than Actually Being a Vampire

5 Ways DISH Satellite TV Will Keep You Looking Young


EXCERPT: 8 Tips For Perfecting Your Elevator Pitch Whether you’re in sales, run your own business, or have an idea for a killer start-up, mastering the 90-second “elevator pitch” should be at the top of your to-do list. Here are some tips for presenting your message quickly and efficiently.

  1. Don’t try to close. The purpose of the 90-second pitch is simply to generate enough interest in your product or service to warrant a formal meeting.  A “win” here is simply to have the other person agree to schedule a meeting where you’ll be able to make a more formal pitch. That’s where you’ll want to worry about closing.
  2. Lead with something specific, to provide context for what follows. You’ve got to grab their attention immediately, and you’ll quickly lose it if they can’t tell where you’re going. Let’s say you’ve invented and sell pants for cats. Just come right out and say that. Don’t waste any time talking about how you’ve started your own business, or how you used to work in real estate and got tired of all the drama. Your personal history is probably not relevant at this stage. You sell cat pants. Just say that. READ MORE

CHALLENGE:  Increase B2B leads 

SOLUTION: Create engaging, educational "thought leading" content for entrepreneurs and small businesses



EXCERPT: Detect Ya Self Before You Wreck Ya Self with this Totally Legit UFO Detector! Are you an insane lunatic with more tinfoil than sense? Do you find yourself confused by the proverb that “a fool and his money are soon parted”? Do you often worry about the possibility that your beloved and precious anus might soon be violated by unscrupulous interstellar scientists in an attempt to create a Nazi 4th Reich on some distant planet ruled by Tom Cruise and John Travolta’s mutant lovechild? Then relaaaaaax! You’ve got nothing to fear. This handy-dandy all-in-one super-dee-duper UFO detector is sure to give you a heads-up of any impending alien safari party scoping out fresh new anuses for impregnation.  Also it has neat blinking lights! And it beeps! That’s SCIENCE! READ MORE

CHALLENGE:   Increase sales for a product that lacks consumer credibility

SOLUTION: Create a compelling, scientifically-grounded case for the merits and benefits of the product

KEY INGREDIENTS: Design, copywriting, SEO, thorough scientific research, social media strategy


EXCERPT: Track Beer Sales, Levels and Trends with DigitalPour Keeping accurate track of inventory, especially for a product that is stored in opaque steel kegs, can be a real pain. That pain is compounded when you factor it over a dozen, or sometimes several dozen, beer taps. You know how much you ordered, and you know when a keg has blown, but everything in between can get pretty blurry, especially when you've got a busy bar to manage. That blur just gets blurrier as nights turn into weeks and then to months and years. DigitalPour helps make order from the chaos with a suite of analytic tools that provide insight into inventory, sales, and overall performance. READ MORE

CHALLENGE:  Encourage broader awareness of platform features

SOLUTION: Highlight various features and their benefits to bar and restaurant managers

KEY INGREDIENTS: Design, copywriting, SEO, research, market analysis, user interviews


EXCERPT: What is Title Insurance, and Why Do You Need It? Title insurance is one of the most misunderstood components of a real estate transaction, at least for the average consumer. It isn't something that many people have heard of, prior to their first home purchase. They're ready for traditional homeowner's insurance. It's easy enough to understand why you'd want to have insurance on your actual home. After all, fires happen. Storms happen. Dragons happen. 

Title insurance covers things that are a bit more abstract, and not readily visible. Thus, it can be somewhat confusing to home buyers. Its abstract nature does not, however, make it any less important. After all, a dragon might show up and burn down your new second floor remodel, but it is not likely to claim that it actually owns your house. And if it did, you'd want to be confident that the dragon was wrong. Enter title insurance. 

CHALLENGE:  Demystify the abstract nature of title insurance

SOLUTION: Present the abstract nature of title insurance in an approachable, engaging way

DISCIPLINES: Design, copywriting, SEO


EXCERPT: Housewarming Party of the Week: Broadmoor Dear new homeowner, I know you’re probably busy with your imminent move, and whatnot, but I wanted to take a minute and introduce myself. My name is Rob, and I am an avid party-attender. I actually list that on my resume. True story. Anyhoo, I noticed that you recently purchased a very lovely home in the Broadmoor neighborhood of Seattle. I would like to congratulate you on your excellent taste, as well as on your clearly-gainful employment situation. It must be nice.  As a writer, I find it difficult to afford even the most modest of hovels. However, I have found that all that hard working and clocking in and out and being told what to do all the time is really overrated. I find it far more cost-effective and efficient to avail myself of those in society who have happened upon greater economic success than my own.  That’s why I am writing you today. 

CHALLENGE:  Increase readership and lead generation for home buyers and sellers

SOLUTION: Create engaging, entertaining and shareable content that encourages readers to click through again and again, without being overtly sales-y

KEY INGREDIENTS: Design, copywriting, SEO, market research, social media strategy

This is a series of digital ads I did for Dwellings Real Estate, designed to promote their property management services.