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My name is Rob LeRoy. I am a photographer in Los Angeles. That's Los Angeles, California, in case you're wondering. That's right, I'm a fancy Hollywood photographer. And yes, I wear mostly black, because that's what fancy Hollywood photographers wear, even when it's 100 degrees. Such is my commitment to the craft. But I digress... Creativity flows through my veins and seeps from my pores like a cliched and poorly conceived metaphor.  I love to take pictures of people and parties and other fun stuff.  Talented? Yes. Arrogant? Perhaps. Hilarious, handsome and a genuine joy to be around? Obviously. Do I like to ask and answer my own questions? What do you think? Hire me. You'll be glad you did. We'll probably become best friends. I smell better than you'd expect. And I'm pretty humble about it all. Also, I could really use the money.